Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why we like pepper spray

Because it scares the poop out of the stupid dogs always tryin to chase us!

But for REAL folks, today we had nine to twelve dogs try to chase us down and munch on our bodies. Whenever that nonsense happens, Emelio whips out his handy bottle of mace (endorsed by U.S. Postal Workers for REAL) from his handlebar bag and aims it in the stupid mutt's horrible face. Since we're traveling on a route that was mapped by Adventure Cycling, these mangy hounds must have been smacked in the face by a blast of pepper spray before; whenever we hold the bottle out to the yapping yippers, they stop dead in their tracks. We haven't had to spray yet! (We do have an extensive and exciting plan for furious car-drivers who try to be too aggressive. The details are confidential, but let's just say it involves macing and then robbing the driver).

Yesterday we took a ferry! We left Ann's place bright and early after a breakfast of eggy-wegs in a basket and with a bounty of goods for our panniers (sammies, zucch bread, fresh fruit, and MORE choco cake). Our first twenty miles of riding took us through some of Cincinnati's lovely East Side, inlcuding Eden Park where we caught our first, breathtaking glimpse of the splendorous Ohio River. After navigating through downtown past the Underground Railroad Freedom Center and the under-construction Great American Insurance Building, we were out west of the city, and soon enough found ourselves at the launching pad of the Anderson Ferry.

Let's just say that the A.F. (Anderson Ferry) is S.I.C.K. (Sweet, Ill, Cool and Kooky)! Ann gave us a great tip to get there, and it was super totally worth it (a seventh grade girl from the nineties wrote that last clause). The A.F. was further from Cincinnati than we had expected; definitely a service for locals rather than a tourist freakfest. We arrived just as the ferry was returning from the Kentucky bank with some automobiles... after they disembarked, we boarded with our bikes for a serenely spectacular ride across the Ohio. The morning was still cool, and we were the only passengers for the trip across. It rocked.

Things kind of went downhill from there. And then uphill. Then downhill again. IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT! Basically, we were hitting some mega-hills, and when it's breaking 95 degrees out, they're not the most entertaining thing to encounter.

The rest of yesterday was pretty normy -- the heat was killer, we passed through some nasty industrial zones, and traffic made us want to eat regurgitated wheat germ. At the end, though, Alex and Emelio (we) stumbled onto a fabulous historic Kentuckiana landmark, and decided to sleep with it. Guys, not like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just camped behind it!!!! Check the pic for a pic.

So in terms of sleeping that night, let's just say it was hotter than H-E-Double-Hockeysticks... so we barely slept at all. We made it our business to wake up way early, however, so that we could beat the next day's heat.

Okay then, Day 7! We did get up early for once in our lives, and were rewarded with approximately eight minutes of cool riding. Then the tyrannical heat-beast awoke from its own slumber and proceeded to tenderize our collective meat.

The morning reward came in Madison, Indiana--after crossing back over the Ohio via a majestic ponte. Madison really pushed all our buttons -- in a good way! The main street was long, dense, and historically preserved... the neighborhood streets were intact and free from suburban grasp... the businesses were 100% local... the lonely lady terrified by our sidewalk-bikeriding hid behind a pig sculpture... what a place! We recommend you spend your honeymoon there.

We made it to Louisville (after harvesting tobacco to calm Alex's raging addiction) by 4:00pm, and were met by our local concierge (her name is Beth and she is very accommodating!), who led us across a massive bridge spanning--yet again--the large and beautiful Ohia Riva.

We've decided to spend a full day tomorrow in Louisville, which looks to be a really great (and historic) city. We'll report back soon! Make sure to check our links!


  1. We are loving the updates and details. Keep them coming.

    I have created a google map of the cities mentioned in the blog so you can get an idea of the trip route.


    (if link is not live you may have to copy/paste)

  2. Let me try the map link again...


  3. hey i just wanted to say something thanks!

  4. Thanks for doing the map. It's not connecting the dots for some reason though. =( Stupid google.

    Emelio & other dude, you guys rock. =) A story about using mace and/or stink bombs on angry drivers would make me very happy. LOL

    I look fwd to more area code updates Emelio! I find this whole trip very inspiring. =)

  5. Oh guys....I am so sorry to hear about the dogs, the hills, the heat and the industrial road in Kentucky. I was worried about that when we were looking at the map on Sunday night. So glad that the ride into Cincinnati and the ferry went well. Thanks for staying here! Ride On!

  6. dudes we were in Indiana on the SAME DAY!!!! SOMD (subsist on my dinner), I should have given you a call!!!!

    lovin the blog guys, I'm totally gonna link you guys. guys.


  7. EMELIO....sorry it's so hot, it's hot here toooooo. Okay, so I am not riding a bike in 90 degree weather, big deal. Stay safe both of you and keep the updates coming...

  8. you dudes are having so much fun! there is a possibility for even MORE fun with ME AND DAVEY! so... we are leaving the bay area now and are hoping to make it to chicago by the 22nd... which means that we'll hopefully be in Madison Wisconsin by the 21st or so... before which we'll be at the badlands in south dakota. what are the points you're thinking of hitting around the midwest? TELL ME! love you!!

  9. looks like you're having fun, couple dudes. i hear that beth girl is a real bitch. sorry you got stuck with her.

  10. woo hoo! i can't believe you guys are already in wisconsin?!?!? come to palo alto and we'll cook you up some real tasty pizza! the rate you are going you'll be there tomorrow, ok?

  11. heard it got up to 100 in the Louisville area today... hope you guys have moved on already!

  12. it seems the blog has stopped making nudity posts. will they eve get back?
    transatlantic love from sweden

  13. Love the blog, love the links, love what you two do do do!

  14. I hope you at least got Kentuckianas number. Would have been the right thing to do.


  15. Looks like you're almost 1/2 way there! way to go, good luck in the mtns. Lisa

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