Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bet y'all are freakin' ya neek!!!!

BECAUSE WE'RE POSTING AGAIN MOW!!!!!! (flip the "M", idiots!!(DUH!!!))

Finally hit this trail after 83-some miles of one road!

Well gosh golly we made it all the way to St. Louis today! Basically nothing eventful happened, because we took the extremely flat though not very scenic Illinois State Route Thirteen nearly all the way to the big fatty LuLu. We did make a delicious stop at Ankle Weight Gossip Queen. Then Emelio excitingly forgot his camera at some stop sign and noticed that it was gone seven miles later, so he had to hitchhike back to get it (fortunately, his Automobile Support Angels turned out to be quite congenial and altogether very wonderful! Thanks John!). When Emelio finally made it back to where he had left Alex with the bikes, Alex was seated on a noisy knoll taking a half-way nap all by his lonesome but it sort of looked like he was praying. Another cool thing was we ate some really good croissant and cheese sandwiches while pirating a bench umbrella combo that actually belonged to the Frigid Frog (and their subsidiary, BBQ Panther) even though we didn't even order a single "Frog in a Blender" Slushy from the poor suckers.... BURN!

Alex had to trim his moustache before lunch because he kept biting it when he was attempting to eat food!

SO ANY-WHO! We made it to Belleville
(Illinois), a southeastern suburb of Holy Saint Looney Bin, around 6:30pm. At which point, we still had no clue where we were going to be staying this evening. All of a sudden, Emelio took responsibility for the situation and made multiple phone calls to his coworker Elizabeth in hopes that lodging might be acquired while Alex ate some Sweet n' Salty Honey Nut Chex Mix. He says: "It's really good, maybe you could buy it for your cousin or neighbor as a wedding present!"

She may be indoors in this photo, but Callie is an outdoor maniac!

In the end, Your Heroes decided to wedge in with two of Callie-from-Carbondale's good friends from nerdy outdoor camp, Kyle and Emma!! We rode the Metrolink into the city center (through East St. Louis, over the Mississippi {Hello, Missouri!}, and past a bigass freaky rounded steel assemblage of some sort--WTFF?!?!) with our bikes on board, then rode them through beautiful Tower Grove Park for the last 2.4-3.1 miles (taking our day's total over the 86 mile mark). We chatted with our kind hosts about the city for a bit before leaving them alone long enough so that they could to go to bed. Let's just say that our beards are tingling with excitement right at this very moment.

Check this freak and his frog eyes! Found him hungry and haggard on the Metrolink!

We're taking one of our patented "Day Off To Explore A Scary and Dangerous Urban Center" tomorrow -- Kyle and Emma seriously whacked us over the head with how fu-reaked out we're gonna be at how tight Saint Kablooie is. Tomorrow's blogpost just might knock your socks clear off your waxy eyelashes (wtf were they doing there anyways?!).

That's all for tonight ladies and germs,




  1. Who knew you could buy Chex Mix on Amazon?

  2. love the Madonna music. and love following you guys on the trip - stay safe!

  3. now I want Chex Mix! Thanks a lot! NOT!

  4. im in sf! beat you! bahahahah get a CAR LOSERS

  5. Poor socks. State of the art beard trimmer ya got there.

    - Haley

  6. glad you guys got some East St. Louis action in.

  7. That picture of Alex trimming his hair is PERFECTION. Although I miss him very much, I do NOT miss Alex's hair trimmings all over our house. I'm so excited you are all the way to St. Louis already, the birthplace of Alex's mom. Can't wait to hear more.

  8. Alex, I'm glad you enjoyed my Sweet-n-Salty Chex Mix. You owe me $2.50 for the rest of that bag. I will accept a personal check, money order or Paypal; no cash please.

    Love love,

  9. Wow! I feel truly blessed to be reading this blog. Really top-notch links, too!

    - The Meatball

  10. i am thoroughly enjoying reading your blog! wow! additionally, i find the stories about people slipping you money and paying for your food heartwarming and great. wowowowwow.


  11. Love love reading the blog, AND the cool postcard. Makes me green (very attractive light minty green) with envy and to think about doing the same--but maybe just to New Philadelphia. but wondering why you aren't answering your email or voice mail, or all those little post-its I have been piling up on our desk. PS just so you know it WASN'T ME who lost the magical grey binder.