Sunday, August 8, 2010

Days 3 & 4

A couple a dudes reporting in!
We had a very good Day of Rest (as the Lord might say) in Columbus on Friday. In the mornin', Mamma Emelio rustled up a downhome, country-style, homemade waffle breakfast. Then we fastened our suspenders, hitched up our Levi's, and let our guts hang out in preparation for the Ohio State Fair excursion!

It was Alex's first visit to the fair, and he was, to put it plainly, BLOWN. AWAY. Never before had he been privy to such an affirmation of the state the two of us so proudly call home. And after the fair, Alex was more proud than ever of the great state of Ohio. A rundown of the highlights: chickens, geese, turkeys, rabbits, cows, swine, butter cows, ice cream, newly birthed lambs and calf, a blue whale, the big yellow slide, Smokey the Bear (ragging on the Tribe's pitiful season--seriously), the natural resource center, bbq pork sandwich, a festive parade (including the All-Ohio marching band), a pig that was "square in the shoulder, square when he's comin' atcha"; Grizzly, Ohio's four-time largest pig, weighing in at 1200 lbs (testicle weight estimated at 50-75 lbs), an uproarious monkey show, the fine arts pavilion (you GO girl!), and many more. For a fun game, in the comment section, guess the spectacle listed above that we didn't actually spectate at (choose no more or less than one or you are disqualified).
OKAY now for the account of day THREE!!!

We left Columbus after gettin filled up with pancakes (thanks Ma) and headed out of town by way of the delightful Olentangy Trail (big ups). After getting through some slightly dreary west side scapes, we hooked up with (not in that way!!!) a few nice country roads and eventually hit this SWEET trail. Ten miles later, we were going through delightful London, Ohio -- and even hit a water oasis provided by the London Baptist Ministry! We had this off-road trail nearly all the way to Yellow Springs -- a truly beautiful trip in the central Ohio countryscape.
Once we got to Yellow Springs, we knew we were in the right place. A few budding "alterna-punk rockers"and some "anarcho-preteens" were playing guitar on the curb, and pointed us in the right direction through downtown (they even had piercings!!!). On our way to our host's abode, we were met on the road by none other than Lisa, our host, ON HER BIKE! She said she knew it was us when she saw our load.
Yellow Springs, for those who don't read books, is a small hippie town best known for being a hippie town and also harboring the ungodly institution liberals hail as "Antioch" which we believe is Greek for "Sin-Land." JK! While Antioch is currently closed, the college is expected to be accepting students (if you can call them that (JK!)) in the fall of 2011.

Our night in Yellow Springs was amazing. We spent the steamy, waning hours of the afternoon lazing around the pool with Lisa, Don, and a few of their friends. Then, Lisa prepared us a delicious meal (we're not worthy!) which we shared--along with lovely conversation--in a beautiful al fresco setting. After dinner, Lisa graciously toured us around the town center and we stopped for an ICE CREAM ATTACK. Back at the house, we zonked out on her super-comfy futon.
Next morning, get this: we go to a local breakfast joint, and The Lovely Katie (our friendly and cute server) bought our meal for us! Wow-wow-wow! She had been on a long bike trip before, so she got it. High-five!

We awoke at the crack of the day
Took the Miami Trail the whole way
Many beautiful folks
Many juvenile jokes
And in Newtown tonight for our stay!


The Little Miami Scenic Trail was an amazing experience today. For us, it occupied 99.8% of our trip. It runs along the Little Miami river, a beautiful aquified ramble chock-full of canoes and us (when we went in for a dip, that is!!!). The trail passes through a few gorgeous little Ohio towns that have really taken advantage of its presence (it used to be a railway) and developed parks, bike shops, ice cream stores, and more along the way. People packed the trail, and many were delighted to hear of our adventures (and chagrined to realize that we mocked them afterwards behind their backs!!)(JK!). A really interesting guy named Jeff joined us for about 10 miles on the way, talking with us about hookers and truck drivers, which we found fascinating! NOT JK!

We rode the trail all the way to Newtown, got off for 1/4 mile to our host's house. Ann received us warmly with burgers (ham and boca) and chocolate cake from Chicago (not JK). We mapped our route for the next two days, with great Ann-support, and now we're writing this blog!
Okay night time!
We love you!

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  1. The trip on the trails sounds great (not jk). It was great to see Emelio (jk) and Alex (not jk) in Columbus, however, they both smelled very bad (definitely not jk). That's great that someone bought you breakfast (not jk). Sounds like you guys are off to a great start! (not jk)

    Reechard (not jk)

  2. You guys totally rock! (NOT JK) lol

  3. you guys are a real couple a dudes, you know that?

  4. Glad you encountered Madison, IN. Twas great to meet you guys! Be safe and have fun. Lisa in YS

  5. Oh MY god ice cream.


  6. I'm just getting a-round to checking out your sweet blog. I hope you continue summarizing your days via limericks; they are my Forever Favorite Form of poetry. However, I think you should reach for the stars and try to make them a little more humorous; they're meant to be funny you know.

    Love love (that's one for each of you),