Monday, August 23, 2010

We're not not in Kansas anymore!

Okay you sneaky snorkelers, here we are a couple a guys back making some blog posts!

We've been in some pretty rural areas the past couple a days, so computer access has been wanting. Bear with us!!!!!!!!!!!
We crossed into Kansas yesterday: yeeeehaaaaw!! Right now we're sitting in a public library in downtown Chanute KS, so today's post might be abbreviated and relatively link-less.

REWIND! REWIND! Back to St. Louis.... it all seems like a crazy delirious dream.......
In short, Alex and Emelio picked up St. Louis, swaddled it closely, and made it our lovechild. We woke early to take the town on, and by golly did we take it.

City Museum in STL. Eesa-crazy, mon.

First: breakfast at a really sicknasty local (the South Tower Grove neighborhood) eatery, the Local Harvest Cafe. Emelio half expected it to be overrun with disgusting Oberlin grads selling hearty carob-nut vegan cookies!

Then, we biked off to world-renowned Forest Park -- a massive greenspace in the middle of St. Looey full of extremely free extremely fun stuff. Time was short, so we spent it in the zoo (PENGUINS! GORILLA GORILLA GORILLA!) and checked out a tiny portion of the large and expanding Art Museum. SO FUN!

Emels almost drove this schoolbus off a roof. What a silly!

Then we rushed off downtown to take on St. Louis' revered City Museum. The place is basically a giant playground for kids and adults alike, housed in an old 14-story shoe factory. Time is running out on this public library computer, so just freaking take our word and shove your bratty kids in the car to give them and you the experience of a lifetime. Ferris wheel! Caves! Circus! Bars and restaurants! Cantilevered school bus! Holy schnikes! THEN we went to the amazing Arch and spent 5 hours (almost) staring at it and some other cool stuff.

A weird hulk of steel we kept seeing. WHAT THE HECK!!!???

THEN FOR THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME, we friggin trekked out to THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY (thanks for the $50 gift card, Susan!!!!!!). Let's just say that we stuffed ourselves so bad that we almost puked all over each other's beards. God bless America.

We both felt as terrible as Emelio looks. Really.

Okay okay next day next day! We took the train out to the airport, rode a short distance, and hopped on the eastern edge of the fabulous Katy Trail. The Katy Trail is America's longest rail-trail at 230+ miles. We loved it omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trail is chock-full of freakadelic informational kiosks and cute little railroad towns. Through those kiosks, we learned that 1) Missouri has only 0.5% of its original priarieland left (depressing); 2) Daniel Boone is often confused with Davey Crockett; and 3) Prairie chickens mate in the springtime in "leks" and the males' mating call is known as a "boom" (shaka-laka).

Alex showing off his--ahem--"trail mix" alongside some of the
Katy Trail's super-zingy interpretive materials.

YIKES only 4 minutes left on this computer! More blog posts to come when we can commandeer some other town's library!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. Here is the URL for the updated map for those who don't have it bookmarked. Copy and paste it...

  2. Katy trail looks totally sweet!