Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 2

After a less-than-cinchy day of riding we are thrilled to be here in Columbus, the capital of the Great State of Ohio and breeding ground of such vermin as Emelio, James Thurber, and Lil' Bow Wow (ever seen "Roll Bounce"!!!????!!?). We were received this evening by Emelio's fanclub (their presence was rewarded by due compensation from the authorities, of course) and a delicious home-cooked meal prepared by the 'rents.

Yesterday, Day 1, we were joined by David Nosse (Al's Bro) on our way to Oberlin--where we had a lot of good times with some Oberpals and even went swimming [illicitly]!!!!!!--and then we rode alllll the way to fabulous Charles Mill Lake (80 miles total to our campsite) <-- and speaking of our campsite, we found the SICKEST/ILLEST/SWELLEST campsite in the area, as far as we were concerned. It was a little peninsula jutting into a branch of the expansive lake, really nice and secluded, pretty much 4 feet from the water. Check the pic for a pic. Once we found the spot, we went for a dip in the lake but the area we were in was suuuper shallow and the muddy bottom scared Alex BIG TIME (jk it scared Emelio). We saw a really nice blue heron, and this morning saw four more all chasing each other around and jockeying for territory. Our good buddy Myles was kind enough to lend us a camping stove at the last minute and Wednesday night provided us the opportunity to cook with it for the first time. It gave us trouble at first, but we gave Myles a ring and he expertly instructed us on how to ignite the burner. We got it going and ended up with a darn-tootin' tasty pot of macaroni (Emelio's heritage--ahem--expertise came in handy in achieving the al dente sweet spot). A couple blueberry muffins from Alex's aunt Debbie for dessert and we were a couple a happy campers.

After eating, we were wiped and ready for bed. We loaded into the tent (with rain fly attached) and realized that it was smoking hot inside there without any air flowing through so we decided to remove the fly. We then climbed back inside the noticeably cooler tent just in time for the first distant lightning strike and low rumble of thunder. We decided to be safe rather than sorry, so we jumped out again and re-installed our rainshield. With the fly back in place, we got back into the tent one last time, just a couple minutes before a pretty substantial thunderstorm rained down on the greater Mansfield region (Mill Lake being very much a part of it). We were put to sleep by the sounds of cracking thunder and pattering rains.

So day two came, and we basically want to encapsulate the enormity of the day in a couple Hemingwayesque sentences. It was hot. We were on our bikes for nine hours and ninety miles. We saw many beautiful hills and farmlands. Emelio's legs gave him a good amount of pain towards the end, but we made it!

Well, we're all showered up and ready for bed (here's hoping we get tucked in during the night, c'monnnn mom!). Tomorrow we have a day off of riding, and we'll be attending... THE! OHIO! STATE! FAIR! The stateliest fair for the fairest state.

Night y'all!


  1. you guys are bad. ass. way to avoid that farmer's tan.

  2. Wow- nice camp spot, I hope they are all so picturesque. Also, a 90 mile day two - geeze. Emelio- the al dente macaroni sounds fine, but why not cook my brother some of that eggplant lasagna you made me once!?

  3. Hemingway doesn't appreciate the slight against his style, but I support this endeavor.


  4. You BETTER not get a ride from Mom to the Fair. It wouldn't be fair!


  5. i miss you so much emelio. i swear to god if you don't call me when you get to san francisco i'm going to stuff your face up your butt. when do you think you'll get here? december?
    JK i know you can make it by thanksgiving.


  6. Bagodbagingos! Mohican Mac and the Ohio State Fair! Band name. I hope there's a tilt a whirl in your future!

    - Haley