Monday, August 2, 2010

A couple a dudes

Hi Guys!

So here we are, just a couple a dudes, Alex and Emelio to be exact, sitting around making our blog about our great bicycle adventure. At the moment, we're frustrated with our test of the cooking stove. It doesn't seem to be working so well, so we might just have to run out and buy a new one tomorrow, sheesh.

Also, we just ate rob and mara's pasta, so we're feeling better, even though lots of stuff needs to be done. Tomorrow we tie up the loose ends, say farewell to our Cleveland community, slap a couple fives, and try to get some rest before our Wednesday morning departure.

We're a little stressed out about getting everything ready, but it's pretty exciting anyways. We'll put some pictures up for you to scope don't worry!!

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  1. what I like about Smokey the Bear is that he doesn't wear a shirt to work. Just jeans and belt buckle with his name on it. And, of course , a ranger hat. I think he is the lost "Village People " member. ( my friend, Jeff, sent me here.)