Monday, September 13, 2010

Utaht we wouldn't make it... Utah. But we did you bunch a naysayers! In fact, we're here
right now, just check the pic for a pic. It's definitely not the
Rockies out here, although we did just hit 41.9 mph going down an 8%
grade into a canyon, yowza! We probably won't have service for the
next few days, so by the time we get to a "com-puter" we better have
23 comments on this post. Make it happen people!



  1. Did one of your bikes snap that photo?

    22 comments left to go.

  2. i'm supposed to check what for a pic?

  3. [Recipient name(s)]!

    [Interjection]! I'm so proud of you for making it to [place]! [Generic inquiry]? Things here are [adjective], but I've been [verb ending in ing]. Anyway, [encouraging statement]!

    [Sender's name]

  4. You guys are utarded! He he he Colorado joke

  5. your shadow looks like a camel!


  6. Students at my school are really wanting you guys to come for a visit once you return to Ohio. They want to meet you in person and see all your photos and ask you lots of questions ( such as this one from a 5th grader: "Have you seen anything interesting on your trip, like wild animals, ghosts or aliens?"). I think you need to consider scheduling a visit to my school and inspiring the kids with your story. What do you think? Can you make it happen??

  7. Just in case anybody is keeping score or taking notice: Hannah has my vote for the funniest comments. And she never even needs to indicate a joke with a JK! or a JJ! I'm just saying . . .

  8. Thanks for the text message couple dudes. I miss you, especially yesterday. Krissie's observation is so true, and I especially like that she references "your shadow", because the two of you combined have just one shadow in the pic.

    I'm happy you've made it to Utah, I hope you make it accross the desert! Stay warm.

    15 comments to go...

  9. Thanks, Annie! Now that you said that, I'm definitely keeping score.

    Also, be careful you guys because I think I see some creepers in sunglasses on that rock in the pic!!

  10. Emelio sent a text that said they are in Boulder, Utah after surviving a "shortcut" that was the hardest day of riding on the trip so far. They were on the Burr Trail in Capitol Reef National Park.

    If you want to see photos of the area, do a google image search for burr trail road switchbacks - many photos and even a map of the area.

    ps - I've got my eye on Hannah's humor crown. I could have written what she posted but I don't know my parts of speech.

  11. Make sure you visit the polygamist communities to the south of ya. Talk about creepers, I want the stories from that visit!!


  12. Dudes! You are making killer time it seems! Thanks for the postcard from Colorado. It looks like you are having a great trip. We might hit you up for a couch during football season in CLE. Keep on bikin' Lisa and Donn/YS

  13. Some folks are here in NYC riding from Salt Lake City, and I realized that everyone (in my world) starts east and goes west; weird, huh? Never met anyone riding from the west before. Anyway, I just learned to build wheels and it's awesome and I hope you'll ride to NY some time to see me and hang out on my roof (even though we can't ride up the stairs to get there) (but we can carry our bikes and pretend they're riding us for a change) (i do this a lot) (just kidding) (no, that's normal, right?) Mm . . . ride safe! -Marta

  14. Hey guys, just discovered your blog after googling "nude boy-loving mega creepers". Really surprised by what I found!

  15. hey dudes!

    have you ever suspected your bike of having a life of its own?


  16. "HEY YO EMELIO HOWS DAT BIKIN THING OR WATEVER UZ IS DOIN" TC's voice..... but sorry i havent been commenting footballs got me tiedd down fo reallllssssss..!!! But next time u wanna go for a biking ride u call me and its on!! me u and i guess this alex dude can come!! MUCH LOVE MEO!!! PEEACCCCCCCCCEEEEEE