Thursday, September 2, 2010

Have you ever seen a bighorn sheep in its natural habitat...?

Cuz we have suckers!!!! And by "a" we mean "approximately 20 ranging
from juvenile to full-size big"!!! Yes that's right today on our
Conquest of the Rockies pt. I (Rocky I).

So we finally figured out a way to update the blog from the road,
using Emelio's iPhone. This is our first time trying the New Way, and
we can only include one pic. Additionally, the posts will be a bit
shorter than you're used to for a variety of reasons which should be
obvious you morons. Also, before you read this next part, remove
yourself from the proximity of any firearms, cutlery, and window
ledges: we can't do links!!!!!!! Oh nooooooo...... :,(

We'll be able to do regular posts when we get to a computer, so don't
freak your neeks.

Right now we're eating a gourmet campingman's supper of strawberry
cereal bars and shortbread cookies+peanut butter. Welcome to
Yumsville!!! We're camped in a weird little town called Hillside that
might be a ghost town; we're not sure, but the only resident appears
to be a horse that freaked out Emelio.

Okay then, so this morning we ran into some bicycle-maintenance
shenanigans. Emelio's front brake had been acting screwy, and he tried
to fix it but to no avail. We both also had to take time to mend our
punctured tire tubes (when we got those flats recently, we swapped out
for new tubes rather than patch the holes by the road). Eventually we
enlisted the help of a great local bike shop. Problem solved! But
departure delayed!

We finally escaped Pueblo around noon (JYYC we luv that town) and rode
the final 30 flat miles to the very base of the Rockies and the town
of Wetmore (shout out to Alex's G&GC). There was a nice little store
where Emelio ate candy while Alex ate beef.

And that's when the real fun began!!! Ohboyohboyohboy!!!

We started our ride this morning at roughly 4,700 feet of elevation.
We had to climb to 9,200, our day's mountain pass, in 13 miles.

The ride up the pass, on Highway 96 (which we've been on since the
middle of Kansas for the love of Pete McDermott), was relentless aka
it didn't level off until the top aka it didn't relent much at all. We
chugged along at a 5 mile/hr pace for friggin a long while!!

Along the way, the insane beauty of our drastically new environs
basically socked us in the kisser like a Buster Douglas left hook
circa 1992. We were marveling at the Wet Mountains (which is the name
of the range you peabrains) like a couple a lunatics. Since we're not
speeding by in cars, we're able to see amazing stuff like A HERD OF
BIGHORN gathered on a small rock outcropping like Beyoncé on stage at
the Super Bowl halftime show.

Anyways, getting to the top was a mighty fine accomplishment if we
don't say so ourselves which we just did. In fact, you can see for
yourselves how pumped we were up there if you'd just scroll down and
check the pic!

The other great thing about getting to the top of a 9,000 foot
mountain is that YOU GET TO GO DOWN IT. We were flying like the
hapless Jamaicans from Cool Runnings except we didn't blow it by
wiping out and embarrassing our entire nation in the process. Srsly
guys, that ride down (complete with humongous views of distant
mountain ranges) was Exhiliraring with a capital Exhiliraring.

Since we departed so late today, we got to watch the sun set over the
mountains but we also got to ride into darkness and pretty dang cold
temps. Thankfully, though, we made it to this creepy place and we're
snug in the tent. We weren't sure how to hide our food stock, so we
just piled it in our sleeping bags and texted all of our friends who
are bears asking them to come maul us and eat our food too.

Okay y'all time for bed! Cya.


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  2. I would lol if this was your last post because you got eaten by bears, then I'd cry. also I hate to be a geek but it would be cool to know the steepest grade you go up and your top speed going down. get a bike computer you nerds~~!!! also the pic shows up at the TOP not the BOTTOM, GET USED TO IT


    P.S. Some people say you know them cant believe, jamaica we have a bobsled team

    P.P.S. I cried at the end of that movie when they messed it all up, then I called my childhood bestfriend Ian and told him that I had watched the movie and I was crying

  3. freaking wtfg!! I want you guys to write a Highway 96 Blues when you get back.

  4. Uh, yes. I have seen bighorn sheep in their natural habitat. In Montana, where the mountains are cooler (literally... but it might have been more about the winter and not the mountains). Also, "bighorn sheep" was the answer to a double-or-nothing question on cash cab once, and the MORON didn't get it.

    PS. It's much nicer without those annoying blue words in the post!

  5. Thanks for not embarrasing your nation!

  6. Callie, looking at your haggard self in the mirror does NOT count as seeing bighorn sheep SHOULD HAVE PUT UP YOUR FIREWALL BECAUSE I JUST BURNED YOU ON THE INTERNET, PUBLICLY