Friday, October 1, 2010

Our Last Day!!!!!!

You guyyyyys! We're in a disappointing coffee shop this glorious
morning, sending out our last roadside post (don't freak yow neeks;
we'll have a longer post once we land in Frisco!).

Our ride today is 66 miles, from Davis to Vallejo. In V-town, we take
a ferry across the Bay, where we will meet Steve and Francoise and
some of their cycling friends.

The picture is of us couple dudes and our third bro, Pete, who is
still with us! That guy in the background is Greg; he met us on the
trail yesterday and bought us a mega-sushi-lunch in Sacramento! Wowowow!

Okay y'all! Wish us luck!!


  1. Check out Freak Boy's thumb in the photo - is everything about Emelio bizarre?

    How is Alex's knee?

    I can't believe you guys are almost there. Amazing! Have a good time in San Fran.


  2. Congratulations guys!! Quite the epic journey!

    Kevin Cronin

  3. NOOO! Please don't let it be over!

    Actually I could care less that your trip is ending - I'm just sad that now I'll have to see your ugly face when you show up on my doorstep...

    jk. but srsly.

  4. I heard Alex was going to take a train home and Emelio was going to bike to China.

  5. Emelio, the office has not been the same since you left. Hurry back we miss you!


  6. Congratulations!!! So just HOW are you getting home?